Our Philosophy

At Adams County Music Makers (ACMM), we teach, perform, and practice music because music fosters creative connection with others in ways that are personal, intentional, and communal. Music – as both a practice and a medium – encourages the vulnerability and reflection required for meaningful interactions with others and the world around us, transcending the boundaries of personal and professional relationships, connecting us with those who might otherwise only be acquaintances, or with whom we might otherwise fail to see our common humanity.

Learning and making music teaches us to be effective listeners, sharers, and communicators. Through music we are always growing, always improving, always striving to reflect and connect more deeply. In short, music catalyzes meaning-making in our lives.

We are all artists. Whether our preferred medium is music or math, painting or physics, writing or farming, we all have at least one resonant means to engage with and be of service in our communities. At ACMM, music is our medium, and we use it to create safe spaces of connection, engagement, and service.

We define leadership as “joyful service.” Our service is to encourage people to connect through experimentation with new things; to help our peers to be the best they can be; to work hard, make mistakes, and try again; and to celebrate success. We strive to provide musical experiences that leave all participants feeling empowered, affirmed, grateful, and ready to engage as joyful leaders and servants to each other and the world around us.


Lisa Cadigan, Director

Lisa Cadigan is a musician, theatre artist, and graphic designer in Gettysburg, PA. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Theatre from Indiana University, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Communications from James Madison University, and has completed coursework in music theory, music education, music history, vocal methods, piano methods and string methods as a guest student of Gettysburg College’s Sunderman Conservatory. Around Adams County, you will often see Lisa performing with jazz ensemble, Pomona’s Trio.  In 2017 and 2018, she directed a student-written production called The People Project at Gettysburg College’s Stevens Theatre. The production was largely inspired by her own appearance in the nationally syndicated Listen To Your Mother at the Synetic Theatre in Arlington, VA in 2014.

Lisa is also a mom of two children, who was impressed by the Music Together® curriculum when she took classes with her son in Maryland from 2004-2006. She completed the Music Together teacher training program in 2017, and is thrilled to be offering mixed-age classes as a program-in-residence at the Adams County Arts Council, where she served on the board from 2013-2016, and where she currently serves as the volunteer chair of the marketing and development committee.

(Photo by Jen Decker Photography)