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Let’s Make Music

In July of 2017, Lisa Cadigan offered “Let’s Make Music!” for the first time –a camp for four and five-year olds at the Adams County Arts Council, where students sang songs, practiced fine and gross motor skills with finger-plays, dancing, and other large movements, experimented with musical instruments, and made their own musical instruments to take home. (This camp is not a Music Together® offering.) She will offer this camp again in 2018, as well as a camp for children ages 9-11, called Afternoon Jam.


The Bus-to-Bell Program

In 2014, Lisa Cadigan started volunteering at James Gettys Elementary to mentor practice sessions with beginning orchestra students. Since then, the program has expanded to also include band students, and Gettysburg College students of the Sunderman Conservatory of Music often join her for teaching experience and to offer their expertise in their individual instruments.


Pomona’s Trio

Pomona’s Trio is a group of three friends – Marc (guitar), Bret (saxophone) and Lisa (vocals) – who get together whenever possible to play jazz. You can find them on Thursday nights at Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen, and you may also see them at local fundraisers and other events. Contact the band if you have an event that Pomona’s Trio can jazz up.

Why Pomona’s Trio?
Pomona was a Roman goddess who was the keeper of orchards and fruit trees. Pomona’s Bakery Café was also the name of Marc’s restaurant (now Fidler & Co. Craft Kitchen,), nestled in the rolling orchards of Biglerville, Pennsylvania, where he, Bret and Lisa started playing music together as a trio in 2011.